Ko Wai Mātau?

K3 is a property development company wholly owned by the Kahungunu Asset Holding Company.

Our Kaupapa

Our Purpose

K3 Property Development aspires to provide solutions for good quality, affordable homes for whānau through creating beautiful communities. Our ethos is more than just construction and is driven by the desire to uplift and grow Māori skill and business ownership. We want to work together to improve the cultural, social, physical, and economic health and wellbeing of Māori whānau which will lead to a prosperous future, and positive and sustainable change for whānau Maori.

Our Principles

1. Whanaungatanga
We recognise our connection to each other and the whānau we support.

2. Kotahitanga
We will work together for greater impact.

3. Kia Takatū Tātau
We will take a long-term approach to social and economic development.

4. Manaakitanga
We act with care and generosity towards each other, and act to enhance the mana of each other and those around us.

Our K3 Logo Kaupapa

The kaupapa behind our logo:

Use of the Tāniko pattern is inspired by tukutuku panel inside the Tākitimu Marae.

The three niho in the spine of the K symbolise strength and unity. They are representative of the three Pou of K3.

There are six triangles as a representation of each taiwhenua – Wairoa, Te Whanganui-a-Ōrotu, Heretaunga, Tamatea, Tāmaki-nui-a-Rua and Kahungunu ki Wairarapa.

Our Partners

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